The Love Family of Paw Creek Township
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And on my mother's side....

In western Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, one of the waterways that emptied into the Catawba River came to be known as Paw Creek, so named because of the paw paw trees that grew along its banks.  The township of Paw Creek took its name from this waterway, and included many communities within its area.  To the north of the township was Hopewell Presbyterian Church, and to the south was Steele Creek Presbyterian Church.  In 1809, some members of this area desired to form a church that was closer to their home places, and thus Paw Creek Presbyterian Church came to be formed.

There were members of the Love family in Paw Creek township from early on.  In 1789, John Love purchased 100 acres of land on Paw Creek.  His son Samuel married Elizabeth Nation that same year, in Mecklenburg County.  John and Samuel Love were enumerated in the census of 1790 in western Mecklenburg County.  When John Love made out his will in 1791, he left his plantation to his sons David and Christopher, to become their property after the death of their mother Sarah.  Other heirs were named and received bequests.  David and Christopher Love sold the property to General Michael McLeary in 1800, but the deed was not recorded until 1818.

On August 24, 1802, David Love took out a bond to marry "Jean" Thompson in Mecklenburg County.  The witness was Joseph Thompson.  This David Love was probably the son of John and Sarah Love.

During the period from 1810 to 1830, David Love was listed in the census, in western Mecklenburg County.  During this time he had a family, as was evidenced by the census.  David Love also appeared numerous times in various listings of taxables, but was not taxed for any property.  All of these tax listings were in companies that were in western Mecklenburg County.

My ancestor, John Scott Love, was born in 1803. It appears that he was the oldest of his siblings.  A family Bible record shows that John Scott Love and his siblings were the children of David Love and Jane (Jean) Thompson who resided in western Mecklenburg County.  The family Bible of Moses E. Kistler and his wife Jane Thompson Love, daughter of John Scott Love, includes a listing of Love family members and their dates of death.  At the top of this list are David Love and Jane Thompson, followed by the names of those persons I have believed for some time to be the siblings.  The names of the siblings are also set forth in the estate records of Moses Love, who was probably the youngest child of David Love.

David Love and Jane Thompson resided in western Mecklenburg County and raised a family there.  In the same area, John S. Love, Mary S. "Polly" Love, James M. Love, Thomas T. Love, Sarah D. "Sallie" Love, Joseph T. Love and Moses T. Love resided.

As for myself, I grew up in Paw Creek, and attended Paw Creek Presbyterian Church until college.  My roots are deep in the township, and I am connected to many of the old families there.  To this day, I continue to live in Mecklenburg County.

My research to find additional information on ancestors, relations and descendants of John S. Love is ongoing.  I have much information to add to this website, so please continue to check back if this family is of interest to you.  I appreciate input from other researchers.

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